School Ethos and Values

As a Catholic school, we feel that the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is a major strength of our school.   It underpins the education of our pupils and establishes a caring, orderly and self disciplined learning community.   We seek to encourage the children to give and expect to receive respect, encouraging the children to work together and to willingly take on responsibility.   They learn to share and value the achievement of others.   The moral development of our children flows from a firm spiritual base.

We see every child as a unique individual and the school works to achieve a genuine family atmosphere, where all members care for, love and respect each other.   The children have many different needs, physical, emotional, spiritual and academic and the school works towards supporting the children through all their needs.   The school view parents, as partners in the education process and close liaison between home and school is encouraged.   The teaching staff is in loco-parentis and exercises the care of a reasonable parent at all times.

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