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April 2020

 Dear Parent / Carer

The Government are introducing a ‘voucher scheme’ to help to support parents of children who are entitled to a free school meal. At the moment this only applies to actual free school meals and not the ‘universal free school meals’ that are given to EYFS – Year 2.

We are hoping to have all of our parents, who are entitled to the scheme, registered to start by next Monday. The vouchers, for those parents entitled, will then be sent electronically and can be redeemed by parents at participating supermarkets. The Government has stated that the vouchers will not be given during the school period.

We have a list of all those children who are entitled to free school meals and we will be contacting those parents before the end of the week with further information and guidance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this matter.

Keep safe everyone.

Mrs Young