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First Holy Communion Programme 2021 - Dates

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find below an outline of the dates for the First Holy Communion lessons to go live on the website.  I have also included a date for submission of the tasks (further information to follow):


Date to be added to website            

Date work to be submitted       

Lesson 1

20th February 2022

4th March 2022

Lesson 2

7th March 2022

18th March 2022

Lesson 3

21st March 2022

1st April 2022

Lesson 4

4th April 2022

22nd April 2022

Lesson 5

25th April 2022

6th May 2022

Lesson 6

9th May 2022

14th May 2022

Lesson 7

17th May 2022

20th May 2022

Lesson 8

23rd May 2022

10th June 2022

Lesson 9

to be confirmed if required


All things being well, we will be able to celebrate the Sacrament together in June 2022 (further information to follow).

In the meantime, please continue to support and pray with your child.