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Home Learning

Online Learning
From the 6th January 2021, school will be closed for most pupils and learning will move online.
Content will be uploaded in your child's account daily.

The learning will look different in each year group but here are some reminders/pieces of advice:

-        It is essential that pupils engage with the home learning – this will be monitored by school staff. If for whatever reason you can’t access the learning please get in touch.


-        There will be a range of activities on your child’s class page. Some activities will require work to be uploaded in the homework section, others may just require a comment in the comment box.


-        When a piece of work is submitted, the teacher will get a notification and will give feedback with a comment as soon as possible. After this, they won’t get a notification if you comment on that work again – if there are concerns after this and you want to get in contact – please use the school email address.


-        For tips on how to use the platform, there is a video guide below.


If you are not yet signed up for the online learning system or if there any issues with logging on or accessing the content, please contact the school office as soon as possible.


Thanks for your support,


Mr Keys