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Mother's Day Poems

The winners of the mother's day poetry competition 

Year 1

1st place  Charlie A

My mam

My mam is spectacular because she helps me to do my homework,

my mam is amazing because she hugs me,

my mam is wonderful because she always cheers me up,

my mam is nice because she makes me laugh,

I love my mam because she kisses me.


2nd place Lily T

My mummy

My mummy is special because she helps me to read stories,

my mummy is kind she helps me to put on my pyjamas,

my mummy is beautiful because she has shiny eyes,

my mummy is great because she painted my purple walls,

my mammy is lovely because she helps me sleep.


3rd place Ruby G

My mam

My mam is special because she helps me get ready,

my mam is kind because she gets me ice-creams,

my mam is beautiful because she wears nice make-up,

my mam is caring because she forgives me when I am naughty.


Year 2 


1st place -  Atefa


She's the colour of a bright blue violet,

she smells like a rose gold flower that's full of love,

she tastes like a jar full of sugar because she's sweet,

she sounds like wind and the waves moving slowly,

she feels like a cosy flower petal that's falling off and it's full of kindness and full of caring.

She looks like a beautiful, colourful and bright heart because she is there for me.

She lives in my heart.


2nd place  - Olly


She's the colour of a rose in my heart,

she smells like a daffodil,

she tastes like a delicious raspberry ice-cream,

she sounds like a heart beating,

she feels like a soft bunny,

she looks like a rose in the sky,

she lives in my soul.

My mam is everywhere!


3rd - Ava


She's the colour of a shiny angel,

she smells like a beautiful rose, 

she tastes like a juicy cherry,

she sounds like birds tweeting,

she feels like a soft rose petal

she looks like a shiny angel,

she can be found in my loving heart.

I love you mam


Year 3

1st place - Layla

M is for magical beauty

O is for I wouldn't have something other than you

T is for the tears that shed to save me,

H is for her heart beats anything,

E is for even though you're grumpy, I still love you mam,

R is for rough times I help you.

Mix them all together you get a loving mom.


2nd place  - Holly

Magnificent beauty in all your love,

Outstanding like a sparkle,

Too intelligent for a book,

Her heart loves me like pure gold,

Every time I was upset she would be there,

Rock your looks with fashion 

Put all the words together


2nd place  - Holly

Magnificent beauty in all your love,

Outstanding like a sparkle,

Too intelligent for a book,

Her heart loves me like pure gold,

Every time I was upset she would be there,

Rock your looks with fashion 

Put all the words together


3rd place  -Bella

Mother you are the best,

Our love for you,

Tremendously beautiful,

Heart full of gold,

Earth to me,

Ruler of glam.

Put them all together and you get mother

my world,

Love you.


3rd place  - Ibraheem

M is for magnificent like a flower.

O is for outstanding beauty,

T is for tremendous love,

H is for helpful.

E is for excellent,

R is for rich gold with love.

Put the words together and you get mother.


Year 4 

1st place  -Beau 

Mother's Day Poem.

My mum is as soft as a fluffy cloud,

she is as smart as a heart,

my mum is as loving as God.

She is as strong as a bull, my mum is as comforting as a cup of coffee,

she is as athletic as a sprinter,

my mum is as protective as an eagle,

she is as sweet as sugar.

My mum is as quiet as a mouse,

she is as calming as the sea.

You are the best, I couldn't do better!


2nd place  - Faith

My mum is better than ever,

And she is so very clever,

she is sweet like honey

and she is very funny.


When we go out she looks stunning,

we have never been cunning,

we like going clothes shopping,

she's like an ice-cream topping.


3rd place  - Reece

My Mum.

My mum is as beautiful as a twinkle star,

my mum is as lovely as a pink blossom tree,

my mum's cuddles are like a lovely, cuddly teddy bear,

my mum is as protective as a lioness,

my mum is as fluffy as bunny,

my mum is as patient as a lovely human.


 Year 5 


1st place  - Blake

Hug me like a teddy bear.

Mum, you hug me like a teddy bear,

you always are fair,

you help me when I am hurt,

you wash me down when I am covered in dirt,

you love me when I am upset,

you catch me like a net,

you help me when I'm stuck,

you guard me when light'ning struck.


2nd place  - Zishaan

The ball and the catcher

I'm the ball you are the catcher, sometimes

I would be thrown away and lost,

but you will always find me,

and I will bounce back.


When you catch me, you'll catch me

safely and softly.


Sometimes, I may be dropped into a muddy

puddle, but you will clean my cuts and bruises.


I may roll away, and I'll be hard

to catch but your reliability won't let

it happen.


3rd place  - Charlie

My Mum

My mum is a cat streetwise and smart,

my mum is a car fast and strong,

my mum is a smile making me a bag of smiles.

My mum is a star, shining bright,

my mum is an ocean pulling all my fears away,

my mum is a book, she always has something to say,

my mum is a warm hug always making me feel at home.

My mum is a magician, disappearing from her fears,

my mum is a school knocking some knowledge into me,

my mum is a koala being gentle all the time,

my mum is a lego brick always sticking together.

My mum is a bath keeping me clean,

my mum is a mountain no-one can make her fall,

my mum is a box always keeping me safe,

my mum is a house comforting people.

Year 6 



1st place  - Abigail

I know a woman,

Her name is mum,

Her smile so bright,

it shines like the sun,

I know her inside out,

she does me,

she likes her job, she likes me,

I love you mum, 

you're my cup of tea.


A mother, My mother,

she knows what to do,

My dad my grandma but I know who,

My mum's the business,

I love her dearly.


A mother, My mother,

she's simply the best,

she knows when I'm sad,

or when I'm smiling with glee.

It's because of you!

When I was a baby,

you made me smile,


I love you so much,

I cry you say hush,

I love you the most,

A Mother. My Mother.


2nd place  - Finlay 

You are always there,

Even if there's despair,

You make my life better

And help me through struggles

If you weren't with me here

I might just fear

that my dad would cook.


Thank you for being the sun in darkness,

my guiding light,

Even if we fight,

I know you still love me

and care for our family

You feed, work and care for me

I would be sad if I lived without you

And mad that no time was spent.


I'm kept safe,

at a place I love,

home with you

and my family too

Ever since I was young

You gave me fun

Fed me, loved me

and most of all

kept me safe and happy.

I love you mam

You're the best


3rd place  - Sandeep.


Such a holy

and special

That can only

be said by

people who


My mother is

the only

person I

ever need.

No one can 

replace her.

We thank God

for making such

wonderful people.

We love you all

You will

never be